Giving Opportunities

9T3A2813-1At Central we are committed to providing a holistic experience for our students; the myriad of programs, activities, and educational experiences enable them to develop themselves personally, academically, and spiritually.

We rely on contributions from our Parents, Alumni, and friends to help fund our pursuits and make possible a Jewish Education like no other. Through your generosity, we look forward to continuing to educate and inspire the future of Jewish women who are passionate, curious, and enthusiastic in a way that is only Central.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Learning Opportunities

Our Alumnae Shiur Series enables our alumnae to reunite and learn from their former Central teachers. The shiurim are given on interesting, inspiring, and relevant topics, and take place in Stern College. This program strengthens our connection with our students after they leave the halls of Central.

At Central, we are a community of learners who are always seeking more Torah learning and growth opportunities. We dedicate times of special learning for our students, parents, and alumnae.On December 25th, when many people are off from work and school, we invite parents and alumnae to join us in Central for a Yom Iyun.

Mishmar is an opportunity for our student and parent bodies to learn from well-known speakers on various topics. Our Mishmar program takes place after school and creates a positive learning environment outside of the classroom. We provide chavruta learning followed by a great speaker and dinner.

Dedicate a day, week, or month of learning at Central to commemorate the yahrtzeit of a loved one, to request the merit of a refuah sheleimah for someone in need of a recovery, in honor of a simcha or any special occasion.

We dedicate one week studying and implementing creative vehicles towards understanding Tefillah. Programs aspire to help our students better understand the meaning of their tefilot and become more comfortable and connected during zmanei tefillah.

Our June Zman program creates a space for our alumnae to re-engage in their Central Torah learning in the Central beit midrash for one week, during the month of June. June Zman allows for the beautiful relationships made at Central with teachers and fellow students to continue well past graduation.

Scholarship Opportunities

Grade trips are a highlight of the end-of-year and an important part of the grade bonding experience. Students create relationships with other students and faculty outside of school by engaging in travel and fun activities.

Our students enjoy a weekend jam-packed with activities, meaningful sessions, and a beautiful Shabbat spent together strengthening our school community.

Programming Opportunities

The Performing Arts efforts at Central enable students to hone their talents and develop their interests. Our annual Play and/or Cultural Arts Performance provides a platform for student performers to showcase their skills and express their inner artist.

It has become an annual Central tradition, to host our very own Great Challah Bake! Once a year, students, faculty, Alumnae, and parents, gather together in our gym to partake in this beautiful and delicious smelling mitzvah together. Every year the challah bake is dedicated to those in need of different Tefillot. It is a fun, meaningful, and unifying program.

CSI is a unique full day chesed program. The students, together with their teachers, design and implement a chesed project. Each chesed activity culminates with group presentations and processing sessions.

The annual Chanukah event gives our students and the women in their lives the opportunity to celebrate Chanukah together with a special activity and dinner. Our Purim Chagiga features great food, dancing, and a creative costume contest.

Educational Opportunities

We are fortunate to participate in the ACE Mentor Program of America, Inc. This program exposes students to the different elements involved in architecture, construction, and engineering careers.

Students learn about the Holocaust from those who experience it, thus preserving survivors’ stories for future generations. Students work with a professional journalist, filmmaker, and a Holocaust scholar. The screening of the “Names, Not Numbers” is shown at a culminating dinner, which is attended by the participating students and survivors, along with their families.

The Science Institute gives exemplary science students the opportunity to engage in sophisticated learning settings and research. The program includes rigorous academics, science competitions where students conduct original research, and summer internships at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine,
New York University, Stony Brook University, Stern College for Women, and others.

STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) is at the forefront at YUHSG. Students are offered opportunities to build skills in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students participate in Girls who Code, which encourages and educates girls in computer science.

Select students participate in a four week exchange program with Ulpanat Tzvia in Ma’aleh Adumim. The program immerses Central students in Israeli culture and facilitates connections with their Israeli counterparts. Our students fully integrate in all of the Israeli school activities and live among and learn Limudei Kodesh subjects with their Israeli peers, unlike other Israel travel programs.

Mrs. Sari Kahn

Mrs. Sari Kahn

Director of Institutional Advancement
Tel: 646-592-6152